FAQs & Guidelines

Rock Climbing

It has been long standing in the climbing community that everyone is responsible for themselves and their actions. However, in the club atmosphere we look out for one another’s safety. But ultimately it is YOU that is responsible for yourself, NO ONE ELSE.

You as a rock climber should undertake classes and clinics, within the TM and outside of the TM to be able to get YOURSELF and PARTNER out of any situation you get into. Any classes or clinics you may take still do not assure your safety. Rock Climbing and activities like such are dangerous and you should fully understand the extent of the danger prior to participating in the events.

Club Trips

Official Club Trips are those on the Club Calendar of the TM Web Site and/or approved by the Executive Board.

  • Members are expected to conduct themselves responsibly while on any Texas Mountaineers trip. This includes:
    • No physical violence or threat of physical violence.
    • No abusive language directed at others.
    • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations at the climbing and camping areas.
    • Intentional littering, defacing the rock, or other actions that could threaten the future of climbing in an area.
  • Failure to abide by these regulations can result in penalties ranging from a warning to expulsion from the club.


A. See By-Laws (has paid membership and approved by the TM Board)

Delinquent Member

A. See By-Laws (has not paid membership and/or is not approved by the TM Board)


A. You are a guest once. The member inviting you is sharing their membership privileges with you.

B. If you want to be a lifetime guest please contribute towards the camping fees.

C. Guests must fill out a membership form and sign all waivers if climbing with TM members.

D. Non-participating guests should sign all waivers.

E. A guest should only belay the member that they are a guest of.

F. A guest can belay other members if certified by the Trip Safety Officer. (A look at the guest properly belaying at one particular moment does not certify them as competent)

Trip Safety Officer

A. The Trip Safety Officer is any member of the club that the board or Trip Coordinator believes has enough experience, to on their own, look after or check a members’ skills that is new to the club or a member that other members are not personally familiar with.

Camping Fees for Club Trips

A. The TM currently donates up to $150 for trips to WMWR, HCR, Reimers, Erock and Quartz. All other locations are $75. Appvd. by Eboard Jan 2017

B. Camping fees will be reimbursed when TM members are rebolting routes (See Reimbursement process).

Club Trip Eligibility

A. All members in good standing plus a member’s guest are eligible for club trips. It is recommended that a member not bring more than two guests. (See guests)

B. New Members that the TM is not familiar with should submit a climbing log to be reviewed to determine if they know the skills required to participate in a club trip. The New Member should be certified by the Trip Safety Officer.

C. Trip participants must have a signed membership form and waiver on record with the TM Secretary or trip coordinator.

Members’ Children on Club Trips

A. Children under 12 are not permitted to participate in TM club climbs.

B. Children are not permitted to participate in training climbs. This includes hiking to and from the climbing area with the TM group.

C. Members’ children of any age may camp at the TM campsite for all outings. (exception; see guideline E)

D. Members’ children may climb at club trips if the following criteria are met:

1. Members’ children are not permitted to belay anyone.

2. Members’ children must only be belayed by their parent or legal guardian.

3. Members assume all responsibility for their children.

E. Members’ children participation on a TM club trip is at the trip coordinators discretion and should be stated by the trip coordinator when promoting the trip as to whether children are permitted on the trip they are coordinating.

Trip Coordinators

A. A Trip Coordinator is anyone who volunteers to do the following and has been approved by any member of the Eboard.

B. A Trip Coordinator is not responsible for the safety of anyone participating in the club trip.

C. A trip coordinators responsibility is to arrange for camping.

D. Assure camping fees are paid and any fees above and beyond what the club covers are collected fairly from the guests and members participating in the camp out of the Official Club Trip.

E. The coordinator should verify with the TM Treasurer or the TM Membership List that participants on the trip have completed membership forms on file for each interested member wanting to attend the Club Climb by looking at the TM Member Profile document in our Yahoo Group file. If the membership form is incomplete or we do not have a membership form on file then the Trip Coordinator should contact the Treasurer and member notifying the member that the form needs to be completed and emailed to the Treasurer or given to the Trip Coordinator before they can participate in the TM Club Trip.

F. The Coordinator should carry with them a couple additional membership forms in their entirety.

G. Members’ children participation on a TM club trip is at the Trip Coordinators discretion and should be stated by the Trip Coordinator when promoting the trip as to whether children are permitted on the trip they are coordinating.

H. The coordinator should post a list of members going on the club trip so trip participants can contact other trip participants for prospective trip climbing partners. The coordinator should help those who are looking for a climbing partner to connect with trip participants. (updated 1/6/11)

I. The coordinator should make sure the trip participants are balanced in their experience.  Trip participants that are not experienced in setting anchors should not be left on their own to do so. This is where the trip needs members with anchor experience willing to help set top ropes. If a trip does not have the proper balance of participants then less experienced members may be deferred to a later trip.

J. The coordinator should encourage carpooling and help those who are looking to carpool to connect with trip participants.

K. The trip coordinator should make a decision by Friday noon for weekend trips as to whether the trip is a go due to inclement weather. (added 6Jan2011)

L. The Trip Coordinator should submit a camping receipt to the TM Treasurer for reimbursement.

M. All trip participants should respect the Trip Coordinator’s decisions and safety advice.

N. Coordinator travel reimbursement; $25 for Mineral Wells & POB all other sites to be $50. (added 10/10/11)


A. Receipts for reimbursement of items purchased should be submitted to the treasurer within 90 days of the transaction. (Purchases are per the TM By-Laws)

B. Receipts for camping should be submitted to the treasurer within 2 weeks after the Official Club Trip. (updated B thru E 11/18/10)

C. Equal distribution of funds allocated (see Camping Fees for Club Trips) for the club trip will be between those members’ submitting a reimbursement request.

D. The reimbursement will start after week 2 of the Official Club Trip.

E. If a member submits a request for reimbursement after week 2 and there are not any allocated funds remaining for that trip, the member would not be reimbursed.

F. First Aid reimbursements are per the FA Reimbursement document.

Pets on Club Trips

For the most part; pets on club trips have not been a problem. When at climbing locations, we ask you to be considerate of other climbers who may not want to listen to your dogs’ whining or barking, smell its droppings, maneuver over or around the pet lying along the base or edge of the cliff.

A. Pets are permitted on Club Trips.

B. As with any organization, establishment or business, the rule is that; The TM Board (bylaws have precedence) reserves the right to ban pets from club sponsored trips if a pet becomes a problem or danger to club members or the general public.

C. No Pets permitted at the climbing area on Instructional Climbs.

D. Pets must be under supervision at all times. The owner or willing and qualified surrogate must be nearby and in a position to effectively control and/or discipline the pet if the need arises.

E. Pet owners must abide by land or entity owners’ rules.

F. Where applicable, land or entity owners’ rules supersede TM’s pet policy. (example: HCR (Horseshoe Canyon) No Dogs Permitted)

 Club Training Calendar

Below is a typical club calendar year by month.  Check the club’s calendar page for more information.

Jan – Rescue Clinic (Gym)

Jan – Sport Route Cleaning Clinic (Gym)

Jan – Prusik Clinic (Gym)

Feb – Leader Clinic (Erock)

Mar – Beginner Class (Basic Rock-craft, Introduction to Anchors) WMWR

Mar – Basic Anchors Class (Robbers Cave or Mineral Wells)

Apr – Intermediate Climb (Seconding a leader, Introduction to Trad Gear, Anchors) WMWR

May – Sport Route Leading or Cleaning (Gym)

Jun – Open

Jul – Open

Aug – Open

Sep – Beginner Class (Basic Rock-Craft, Introduction to Anchors) WMWR

Oct – Basic Anchors Class (Robbers Cave or Mineral Wells)

Oct – Possible Intermediate Climb if necessary

Nov – Open

Dec – Crack Clinic (Erock)

Club Gear Usage

A. Club gear is available for all members to use.

B. Club gear is not available for other organizations to use, by or thru TM members. (added 6Jan2011)

C. Ropes and harnesses are not intended for extended borrowing because you have not purchased one. We typically use these for our training climbs.

D. As an individual, you would be responsible for replacing club gear if lost or damaged. For a rope, an individual would be responsible for 50% of the replacement cost.

E. If a rope is lost or damaged on a club trip, it is kind of difficult to hold one person responsible because so many people use the rope and can be responsible for its well being.

F. Books are replaced by you at 100%.

Guidelines Last Updated: October 2011